Sales Tax and your account

By default your account is marked as taxable and you will be charged sales tax in states where we are required to collect sales taxes. We have many customers, for example, who use the products we sell in their business rather than resell the items (such as a restaurant buying hand soap for the restroom or an office buying snacks to give out in the break room).

No sales tax info is needed and no sales tax will be collected if your business address is in one of these 5 states with no sales tax: OR, NH, DE, AK, MT.

If you are exempt from sales tax because, for example, you resell the products and are registered to collect sales taxes, we need you to submit your proof of sales tax registration for the current year for the state where your business is located as well as the Sales Tax Resellers certificate specific to your state. If you don’t have your Sales Tax Resellers certificate they can be found at this link.

or email   EasyOptions@unfi.com and we can reply to you with the correct form.

Please send a scan or photo of the completed form(s) to EasyOptions@UNFI.com   If you need a fax or postal address to provide us the documentation, just ask.

On the sales tax forms UNFI is the SELLER.  YOU are the BUYER.  The address for UNFI for these forms is UNFI   71 Stow Drive     Chesterfield, NH  03443. DO NOT send the form to that address. Send to UNFIEasyOptions@unfi.com

When we review your documentation we can mark your account as sales tax exempt for orders going forward